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About Us

The founders of vRQ. - Concepts GmbH thought about what the future needs, what keeps us busy, what is happening in the world, what is happening around us and what we can contribute to make the world, literally, more bearable. Making it more bearable means in this context to put a smile on your face with our products.

Due to the fact that the world is more and more implemented into the internet, it was clear to us quite quickly that we have to offer an online platform with products, services and information that sweeten the life of society, offer added value and provide alternatives to commercial mass consumption.

We have made it our mission to strive for a selected and high-quality product selection. We are constantly looking for new products around the world via Greece, Turkey, Morocco and, and, and.

There are so many beautiful products, artists, information or just people that you, in our eyes, must get to know. It may be that you find one or the other product for an increased price, because we have to plan logistics & shipping. Hereby you support our work as a young start-up. 

A student and a career changer are now implementing this with their team and voila here you are on our side.

More info and intro's about us will follow in the coming weeks via our social media.

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