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Shoulder bag for cell phone, cards, wallet and other things you don't like to have in your pocket when you are on the go.


Adjustable size, simple and functional.


vRQ. takes you on a journey to ancient Greece, more precisely to the time of Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia and Persia and one of the most influential military minds of all time.


He understood like no other how to be charismatic and ruthless, diplomatic and power-seeking, brilliant and bloodthirsty at the same time. Military academies around the world still teach his tactics today.


This hand-forged replica of an ancient Greek coin combines tradition and the present so artfully and skillfully that the thresholds become blurred.


A unique piece of the extra class, which combines elegance and aesthetics to a real eye-catcher and lets you feel high-quality craftsmanship on your finger.


Antique Silver chain pendant:



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